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Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Obviously this isn't quite the same thing, but it does show just how easy it is to make a real mess when assessing the severity of people's injuries after an accident.

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Do not post names, Facebook pages, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Do you want a drink love? I was curious if he was knocked out or dead. That bouncer was devastating. You know the one: Consequently the areas history, much like the local dialect, can be a little confusing or 'busy' when you look into.

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Such a shit hole. Monster clit lesbians. This is a great example of what a 'real fight' looks like. Biggest KO I've ever seen He was fine afterwards. Also, why didn't the other bouncer guy walking through the picture, wearing the same arm patch help to detain him? So he folded up and hit his back on the pavement rather than squarely on the back of his head.

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The problem was their facial and cranial structure was under-developed and ity made their muscle's ache.

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